Southwest Greens of Ohio

Playground Turf

Southwest Greens of Ohio can supply your school, community park, or home with a comfortable, safe, and high-quality artificial grass surface that can be used for a wide variety of recreational activities. This artificial grass is able to withstand the high activity of foot traffic, child's play, and extreme weather conditions. This is why our synthetic turfs and artificial grasses are the best choice in the industry. Our sand infill system provides a clean surface in which kids can play as hard as they want on it, without getting muddy or wet and definitely without staining their clothes. Our underlayment system allows us to level the lawn or play area, which in return reduces the trip and fall areas of an unleveled site. Our synthetic playground turfs are guaranteed to be kid friendly and mother approved.

  • School
  • Community park
  • Home
  • Underlayment system
  • patented brock base
  • ASTM 1292 compliant for HIC testing

Critical fall zones are no problem when using our patented Brock base shock impact-absorption system. Our system is ASTM 1292 Compliant for all synthetic playground turf HIC testing. We can meet or exceed 5' or 10' critical fall zone requirements. Our Certified and professionally trained technicians will follow a proven installation method to meet the HIC specifications.

HydroChill™ - Our Patented Synthetic Turf Cooling System

There is a general understanding that synthetic turf lawns can get hot when exposed to direct sunlight. The cause is thermal energy from the sun that is absorbed by the turf. This has become a major concern for the synthetic turf industry. Southwest Greens and its parent company, Shaw Industries, have a patented product called HydroChill. This hydration infill system is proven and tested to lower the temperature of all synthetic turf between 40 to 60 degrees. Our patented cooling system is proven to work best at the time you need it, HOT SUNNY DAYS! For more information click (HydroChill)

Knowledge Universe, operating under the name of KinderCare of Cincinnati, has multiple locations where they have ask SWG Ohio to install a synthetic playground turf. As you can see with the pictures below, it was the right decision.

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